Special Repertory Member's Only Performance


When:  Sunday, 1 November 2020 at 3 pm
Where:  Repertory House
Performance Date: For one performance only, 12 December 2020 at Rep House for members. 
Director:  Gussie Johnson
Scripts available from Gussie Johnson (if required) - phone 215 8344

Characters Required

  1. Barry - Boss of the gang of railway workers. Intelligent, sensible, hard-working.  Aged 50-60.
  2. Sue - Railway worker.  Aged 20-30.  Single.  Comes across as hard-nosed.  One of the boys.  Doesn't warm to Michael for some time.
  3. Dunc - Railway worker.  Aged 50-60.  Good Kiwi bloke.  Doesn't mince words.  A bit rough but with a good heart.  Hard case.  Father of Michael.
  4. Michael - University student studying French.  Aged in his 20s.  Part-time railway worker.  Intelligent but not overly so.  Can be a little quirky.  Generally speaks well, except when he is talking to Sue, when he becomes nervous and bumbling.  He fancies her.  Sometimes speaks French.
  5. S Pugh - White middle-class public servant.  Wears a 1980s suit.  Aged 40-55.  Smiles a lot when he speaks, particularly at the end of each sentence.


It is 1981.  A gang of four railway workers have a secret they are anxious to keep.  They work on the Taitapu to Westing railway line which has not had a train on it for years.  They have managed to fly under the radar until now, turning up for work each day as if nothing was amiss, but when an over-zealous Ministry official turns up to conduct an audit, their livelihood is suddenly in jeopardy.  Together they must come up with a plan to save their jobs.  Meanwhile, one of their number, Michael, a university student, is hopeless in love with Sue, another of the workers, but struggles to crack her rough exterior.  Barry, the undoubted boss of the crew, tries to save their jobs with some creative accounting, but fails.  Michael, however, inadvertently stumbles upon some documentation which gives him leverage over the official, and in doing so wins the affections of Sue.  A vital sacrifice is made, their jobs are saved and the Ministry official is sent packing. 

If any of these parts appeal to you, we look forward to seeing you at the audition on 1 November.  Let's give the Rep members something nice to watch to end the year.