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Repertory Member Notice

Notice to Members

Dear Members,

At the last meeting of the committee, we agreed that it would not be possible to hold the AGM in April. The first notice about the AGM was posted the next morning in the Express, too late for cancellation. This means that there will not be any change in the current committee until the next AGM.  

Subscriptions will be suspended until that meeting with payment to be made within two months after the AGM.  Some of you have paid your subscriptions already;  these will be activated for the period after the meeting.

As things stand, we have decided that the activities of the Repertory Society will be suspended until there is no danger of transmitting Covid 19. (This includes all activities, hall hire, rehearsals, committee meetings and the opening of the Costume Hire shop.)  It is hoped that Last Legs will be the first play to open afterwards.

We trust that you will all be safe and find plenty to watch/listen to on the internet. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will keep the website updated with any news you might find interesting.

We look forward to being together again when this is all over.

Repertory Executive