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Blackadder, Pre-Audition Meeting Next Week

Pre-Audition Meeting for Blackadder, The Golden Age this Sunday!

Invercargill Repertory humbly requests the pleasure of attendance to anyone who requires more information about our next major production Blackadder, The Golden Age for a pre-audition meeting this Sunday. The pre-audition meeting will be held at Invercargill Repertory House, 136 Esk Street this Sunday 15th November at 7:00pm. It is open to anyone who wishes to be involved either on or offstage. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the show, characters and for those of you who wish to register your interest or book an audition. The auditions are on the following Saturday the 20th November. The director and some of the production team will be there to give an overview and answer any questions of what will be a Repertory Major Production being staged at the SIT Centrestage Theatre March 2021. Click on either the Blackadder, The Golden Age link above or
to find more information about the show, the pre-audition meeting and auditions. While you're there if your keen to book an audition, go for it as some of the more favourable time slots are filling up quickly. A quick tip; as soon as you register you'll receive the audition material to review prior to your confirmed audition time. This will give you a good amount of time to familiar yourself with the script and be better prepared for your audition. Looking forward to seeing some old and new faces this Sunday for what is going to be an hysterical, exciting, fun show!