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2022 Notice of Annual General Meeting


Thursday 24 March 2022 

The AGM of the Repertory Society will be held at Repertory House, corner Esk and Jed Streets, on Thursday 24 March 2022 at 7.00 pm

Financial members may nominate candidates from current membership for the committee. Candidates will be asked to introduce themselves at the meeting. 

Election of Officers required: 

Treasurer (two year term) 

Secretary (two year term) 

Ten Committee members (one year term) 

All nominations must be lodged with the Returning Officer, PO Box 43, Invercargill, by Tuesday 22 March 2022 

Michelle Sievwright 




I wish to nominate:  

for the position of:  

on the Executive of the Invercargill Repertory Society Inc. 

(NB: All persons nominated, nominators and seconders must be current (2019) financial members) 

Nominator: Signed:  

Seconder: Signed:  

I accept nomination: (Candidate) 

All nominations must be lodged with the Secretary, PO Box 43, Invercargill by Tuesday 22 March 2022. 

Presidents 2022 AGM Message

Dear Repertory Members. 

Well, 2021 proved to be a challenging year, the could year. We still managed to put on Blackadder, The Golden Age, The Mousetrap and Secret Bridesmaids' Business

The committee produced a variety of great ways to supply food and drink and safe seating, keeping people apart.  

The committee has had changes through the year with Margaret going to England, David resigning due to other work commitments, Phillie moving to the North Island.  

This year we are putting on a full calendar of productions, Firstly- Wanted - One Body!, Secondly- Killer Boobs, Thirdly- 18 Eden Avenue and our last production will be a family orientated Panto. We also have outside productions and theatre hires - Gang show, chamber- Music, One-person shows, and Pole dancing.  

I would like to thank the committee for their commitment to the Society. They put in an awful lot of effort in to bring these productions to you and the community. Our set crew are the best, they work long and hard and it shows in the sets that they produce repeatedly.  

Props are sourced, looked after, and maintained to keep us going, the bar is well kept and run well for each show and helps with our funding, costumes are of an extremely high standard for each show, and for the Costume Shop to hire out.  

I hope you all noted that we won five OSTAS awards for Blackadder, The Golden Age.  

Now - this is a plea for you or friends of yours to get involved. We need people to be on the committee, people to learn and be available to run lighting and sound, lighting is not just pressing buttons but learning how to set lights and which lights to use.  

You all know that behind each production, many things happen to make each production come alive, and many hands make light work 


We are looking to do alterations out the back, "Buffy's Bog" will, we hope burst into fruition later in the year (this will ease the pressure in the green room). If you are out in the greenroom or bar, I hope the TV reception/picture is of a better quality as we have invested in new cables and camera.  

Well, thank you for taking the time to read this short report and I hope to see you all on the 24 March 2022 at 7pm for the AGM.  


Nigel Edwards