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Killer Boobs Auditions

Killer Boobs audition call for amazing cast for a new Tim Hambleton play.

Killer Boobs Audition Call.
Directed by Gussie Johnson

Auditions to be held at Repertory House, 2.00pm Saturday 14th May 2022 

Show will be staged 25th - 30th July 2022

SYNOPSIS A breast cancer support group meets once a month in a small town community hall. The eclectic group of women discover a potentially life-saving but very expensive drug is not being funded by the government. The support group try everything they can, whether above board or not, to convince the officious Pharmac CEO of the need to pay for access to the drug. Meanwhile one of their number has an issue with her Mᾱori identity; another has problems on the home front; and a third is looking for love while appearing to be happily married. On top of all this the women take on an ambitious and potentially controversial town planning project.

JENNY (F) 60s. 
Support group facilitator. Very friendly, approachable, open, wise, intelligent, caring. Down to earth. Breast cancer in remission. Passionate about helping people. 

KATH (F) 50s. 
Breast cancer patient. Supervisor at 4 Square. Usually pretty tough, matter of fact, doesn’t suffer fools but has a lighter side and likes a bit of fun. A gossip. Wears a bright pink wig. Fancies Richard. A little overweight. 

LOUISE (F) 60s. 
Breast cancer patient. Well off, snooty, well dressed. Sounds posh, almost English. Blunt – speaks without thinking. Full of herself. Opinionated. Droll. Feels sorry for herself. Witty. Generally pessimistic. Serious. 

BEX (F) Late 20s. 
Breast cancer patient. Slim. 4 Square worker. Quiet, timid, unsure of herself. Unworldly. Religious. Single mother. Naïve. 

GENA (F) 50s. 
Breast cancer patient. Mᾱori or part Mᾱori. Gang wife. Blue collar. Tough as nails. Hard case. Matter of fact. Wears a bandana as a headscarf. Has grandkids. Not stupid. 

RICHARD (M) 50s. 
Top Pharmac Official. Accountant. Nervous around women. Easily embarrassed. Lives with his mother. Likes a strong woman – drawn to Kath.