It’s the night before Meg Bacon’s wedding. She’s waited thirty-three years for this and she knows she’s going to love every moment! She’s gathered her mum and her bridesmaids together for one last night of girlie fun.
While the bride prepares for the biggest day of her life and her mum Colleen fusses over ribbons and shoe fabrics, Meg’s bridesmaids, Lucy and Angela, stumble upon some information that has the potential to shatter Meg’s dream. Should they tell or not tell?
In the hilarious yet painful push and pull that follows, Lucy and Angela discover that sometimes there is no right answer when it comes to doing what’s best for your friend.
In true Australian style Elizabeth Coleman’s Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is a funny play about serious issues like truth, loyalty, denial, sex, love, the meaning of marriage, female friendship and the plight of Modern Woman with a biological clock that just won’t keep up with the times!